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Dissecting Those New Fake Burgers

We've been hearing a lot these days about fake burgers... Article written by Sally Fallon Morell


We’ve been hearing a lot these days about fake burgers; the publicity machines are whirring away to ensure favorable reviews in the media. The call to embrace these ersatz products aims not so much at vegetarians and vegans, but at “lessetarians,” those interested in cutting back on meat. Meat alternatives now constitute about 5 percent of meat sales, and experts are predicting rapid growth during the next few years, similar to the growth of non-dairy “milks.”

The same arguments used to promote earlier generations of “tasteless puck” like bean-and-mushroom patties are helping boost sales for the new products: “Eat our fake food and you’ll be healthier and save the planet.” Unfortunately, the new-generation fake foods are even faker than their predecessors, containing highly manipulated proteins, factory starches, artificial flavors and other questionable ingredients. continue reading:

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