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Ear Coning

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Ear Coning or Candling: An Ancient Healing Practice

Ear Coning or Candling is an ancient healing practice that has been around for thousands of years. Many think it started with ancient Egyptians, who searched for reeds in the Nile River so they could clean and dry out their ears. Because of the success of this technique, it quickly spread to other parts of the globe, such as China, Greece and even South America. Now, it is commonly practiced in many places.

Here in the United States, ear candling was a popular American folk remedy. The participants wrapped newspapers around gun cleaning rods, dipped them in wax or glue and next removed the rod. What they had left was a hollow tube of wax used as an ear candle. In Germany, candling is taught as a valid ear-cleaning procedure to medical students. Ear candling stands in a class of its own when it comes to natural healing.

What Is Ear Coning or Candling?

This truly amazing technique utilizes a hollow candle coated with wax. One end of the candle is placed snugly into the ear and the other end is lit. The lighting of the candle creates a gentle vacuum that can soften and dislodge wax and toxic debris, and pull it into the candle. 

The principle of the procedure is very simple. When the candle is placed in the ear canal and lit, the flame warms the air inside the cylinder an produces a vacuum. The flame needs oxygen, and in order to feed it oxygen, the air inside the candle must rise upward. This in turn creates suction and airflow through the ear canal.

Ear candling is a very effective way you can cleanse your ears. There is debris inside the ears that cannot be reached with fingertips alone. Impacted wax, fungus, past residues of infection, fat globules and more build up in the ear and hide in the crevices. For example, people who have candida yeast typically have an accumulation of fungus in the ears. Because the ear is dark and moist, it provides a perfect environment for yeast to breed. It is close to the blood supply that comes up into the head and therefore is supplied by a major food source.

Ear candling cannot be done on a person who has tubes in their ears or suffers from an eardrum perforation.

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Ear Coning or Candling stands in a class of its own when it comes to natural healing.

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