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Meet Melody


A health professional who specializes in colon hydrotherapy, massage and nutritional counseling and has been serving Farmington, CT and surrounding towns for over 16 years.


Need more energy and better health?

My years of experience and listening to you and your body signals helps me to decipher your specific needs for wellness.


In addition to colon hydrotherapy, I specialize in ear coning to help with better hearing, massage to help with relaxation, Holistic health coaching for better nutrition.


I help people in my office or guide you on the phone.

"Better Health, Better Life" 



Holistic Health Coaching,


& More

Holistic Health Coach
Holistic Health Coach, Colonics, Farmington, CT
Better Health, Better Life
A Blog About: Nutrition &  Health Tips 

Nutrition and health go hand-in-hand. With out-of-this world recipes; and, my  tips on eating smarter and healthier - We hope you can't stop reading!

Colonics, Farmington, CT

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Want better health, clearer skin & more energy? 

Holistic Health Coaching

Leading you to lasting life changes.


Relaxing therapeutic touch to enhance your health and well-being.

Ear Coning

Help for better hearing and sinus pressure.

Other Services

Different methods to ease stress and pain and improve long term health.

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